What is Contineo

Contineo enables rapid development of enterprise-ready applications through it's low-code and drag & drop designer studio. It's model driven architecture enforces reuse facilitating the creation of vertical-specific components. An extensive catalogue of ready-to-use solutions and application templets makes it an ideal tool for implementing Digital Transformation initiatives.

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Model Driven

Less code, configurable UI, Data Processing, Business logic and Access rights

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Parallel Computing

High speed Parallel Computing Distributed Deployment

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Interoperability with existing & new systems, database & edge devices

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Highly Secured

Security ensured at each level right from the device communication, APIs, data storage and Web application access

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Cloud + Edge

Cloud + Edge integrated application management; device management

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Predictive Analytics

Visual analytics, Machine Learning; Predictive Analytics

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Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture on Edge as well as user access. Responsive

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Cloud Support

Cloud as well as On Premise. Hybrid/Multi cloud deployments

Connect and Create Quickly It'll blow your mind.

Why waste time using nuts and bolts when you have ready to use building blocks? Contineo designer studio gives you a code-less environment to configure your IoT as well as non-IoT applications in a WYSIWYG manner allowing you to deliver transformative enterprise solutions in hours and days!

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Easy Tutorials See for yourself.

Get started with easy to learn tutorials.

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And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

Seamlessly integrate IoT edge devices and real-time data sources such as audio/video feeds via MQTT, HTTP, TCP/IP or connect sensors with south-bound protocols such as 1Wire, 2Wire, Zigbee, Bluetooth, MODBUS, OPC-UA and LoRa.

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